Our puppies are generally co-bred with Lin Sell - Linwood English Setters - and raised in her home near Milwaukee, WI.

We have a litter planned in late 2013

A tri-coloured puppy at 8 weeks

Our new Master Hunter "Bene" will be bred to our multi-Specialty winning "Phoenix" both have full OFA health certifications and fabulous temperaments.   
All colours expected - as well as strong hunting instinct, great temperaments and show prospects. 


* Please contact Lin Sell for more details on this fabulous litter!


Puppies and Colouring

Orange belton puppy at 8 weeks - ear and eye patches are perfectly acceptable in the breed.
8 week old littermates ... 2 orange belton and a blue

Blue belton puppy with eye patch
orange pup on point with a wing at 8 weeks - natural instinct is prominent
orange and blue belton littermates

4 week old puppies playing with an older female.   English setters are born white and get their spots (belton pattern) as they get older.  English setter temperaments are mild and friendly so it's not unusual that an older dog will play with puppies that aren't theirs.